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AudioQuest - Bi-Wire PSC Jumpers (Set of 4)

AudioQuest Bi-Wire PSC Jumpers (Set of 4)


Throw out the horrid sounding brass jumpers for your bi-wired speakers and replace them with these amazingly good sounding jumpers from Audioquest!


Made from Audioquest's Perfect Surface Copper and plated with either gold or silver for protection against oxidization, these jumpers greatly improve the sound of any speaker. Extremely useful at 4" long the Bi-Wire Jumpers can be used on virtually every speaker and are easily cut down or bent to fit shorter needs.


A 4" length of solid core conductor, PSC Bi-Wire Jumpers are made from AQ's Perfect Surface Copper, world renowned for its smooth tonal balance and outstanding resolution. The Bi-Wire Jumper's 16Ga size fits all binding posts and offers a high-current pathway, making them ideal for use with both two-way and three-way bi-wired speakers.


Gold vs Silver

To protect the PSC conductor from oxidation, AQ heavily plates the Bi-Wire Jumpers, using either silver or gold. Silver Plating gives the Bi-Wire Jumpers excellent speed and tonal coloration, the Gold Plating gives the Bi-Wire Jumpers more warmth and richness. Both are enormous upgrades from virtually any stock jumper.


Replace the inadequate jumpers on your speakers with Audioquest's PSC Bi-Wire Jumpers and hear the incredible difference a good jumper makes.

AudioQuest - Bi-Wire PSC Jumpers (Set of 4)

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