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AudioQuest - Binding Post Wrench

AudioQuest Binding Post Wrench


Handy Specialty Audiophile Tool Gives You the Torque You Need to Fully Tighten Speaker Binding Posts: AudioQuest Binding Post Wrench Makes Set-Up Easy, Ensures Airtight Connection


Need to quickly swap out your speaker cables from one amplifier to another – or do you simply desire to tighten your speaker binding posts for an iron-fisted grip to get the most out of your system? AudioQuest's surefire Binding Post Wrench does the twist...err, trick.


You'll get the airtight connection you deserve and have a handy specialty audiophile tool on-hand for other uses. And you won't need to run and get a massive socket set.


The wrench features durable metal socket inserts. Its double-ended nut driver fits 7/16' and 1/2' binding posts.

“Essential for tightening down speaker cables to speakers and amps.”
—The Absolute Sound, Editors’ Choice Award

AudioQuest - Binding Post Wrench

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