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AudioQuest - Coffee USB B-Plug Cable

AudioQuest Coffee USB B-Plug Cable


An outstanding combination of high performance, excellent build quality and affordable price, Coffee is one of our best selling USB cables. Thanks to heavy silver plating and AQ's proprietary DBS system, Coffee delivers sonic performance surprisingly close to Audioquest's incredible Diamond USB at a fraction of the price.


Coffee has excellent speed, tonal accuracy and dynamic range and also has a surprisingly lower perceived noise floor than other USB cables; the noise floor is vanishingly low revealing a more clearly defined soundstage. Complex passages are resolved with ease and even during particularly dynamic sections, subtle background details are easily heard.


Coffee features 10% silver plated Long Grain Copper solid-core conductors, a tremendously thick silver plating which comes very close to the performance of pure silver conductors at a fraction of the price. Coupled with Audioquest's DBS System, this combination delivers excellent speed, tonal accuracy and dynamic range, more than a taste of what Audioquest's top USB Cable, Diamond, offers.


Coffee is a directional cable, AQ listens to every primary signal conductor used in Coffee to determine proper conductor orientation, this simple test yields a surprising improvement to sonic performance.


Digital Audio over USB
There are significant, audible differences between USB cables. We're not sure how this is possible, since USB is purported to be a purely digital interface, however, the sonic differences are repeatable and consistent from system to system. A better USB cable makes a better digital audio cable, period.


All Audioquest Indulgence series USB Cables are terminated by Wave Solder, a very high-precision soldering method originally developed for surface-mount applications in the computer industry. Wave Soldering is fast, efficient and has no human interaction, eliminating all conventional solder problems, creating a strong, reliable and electrically consistent connection. Wave Soldering is just one feature that makes Indulgence Series USB cables a far better choice than conventional USB Cables.

AudioQuest - Coffee USB B-Plug Cable

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