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AudioQuest - Diamond USB-C Cable

AudioQuest Diamond USB-C Cable


Audioquest's USB Diamond is perhaps the finest USB Cable on the market, offering sonic performance second to none. Like Audioquest's other pure silver digital cables, Diamond USB delivers unmatched purity of tone, outstanding dynamic shading and a breathtaking level of resolution.


Audioquest's proprietary DBS system keeps the noise floor low and distortion to a minimum. Every aspect of Diamond's construction from the type of connectors used to the direction of the conductors has been scrutinized, auditioned, revised and perfected to create a cable that offers world beating performance.


Diamond features 100% pure Perfect Surface Silver solid-core conductors. These ultra-pure, ultra-smooth conductors are simply unparalleled at conveying the breath, life and speed of music. Diamond is a directional cable, AQ listens to every primary signal conductor used in Diamond to determine proper conductor orientation, this simple test yields a surprising improvement to sonic performance.


Digital Audio over USB
There are significant, audible differences between USB cables. We're not sure how this is possible, since USB is purported to be a purely digital interface, however, the sonic differences are repeatable and consistent from system to system. A better USB cable makes a better digital audio cable, period.


All Audioquest Indulgence series USB Cables are terminated by Wave Solder, a very high-precision soldering method originally developed for surface-mount applications in the computer industry. Wave Soldering is fast, efficient and has no human interaction, eliminating all conventional solder problems, creating a strong, reliable and electrically consistent connection. Wave Soldering is just one feature that makes Indulgence Series USB cables a far better choice than conventional USB Cables.

AudioQuest - Diamond USB-C Cable

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