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AudioQuest - FLX-Mini to RCA Adapter

AudioQuest FLX-Mini to RCA Adapter


Audioquest is certainly not the first company to create an adapter like this, however, this isn't just any adapter.  Sonically superior to other designs, this adapter lets the music flow.


Approximately 9" long from tip to tip, the FLX-Mini to RCA adapter uses 6 inches of Audioquest's best copper conductors (PSC+) mated to a gold plated 1/8" (3.5mm) jack on one end and high quality gold plated RCA jacks on the other.  The FLX-Mini to RCA adapter is bi-directional, very flexible and quite slim, allowing it to be used in places other adapters won't fit.




Total Length: 9"
Cable Length: 6"
Connectors: 1x 1/8" (3.5mm) jack, 1x Pair of RCA Jacks

AudioQuest - FLX-Mini to RCA Adapter

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