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AudioQuest - GroundGoody Turntable Ground

AudioQuest GroundGoody Turntable Ground


Improves the Ground Path and Enhances the Sound: Exceptionally Pure GroundGoody Ground Wire Converts Any AudioQuest Analog Cable Into a Tonearm Cable


We’ve recommended AudioQuest analog cables as tonearm cables for years because they’re so good at preserving low-level signals. The only drawback? The lack of a matching ground wire. A high-performance ground wire with proper connectors and genuine sonic benefit, GroundGoody arrives as the solution to the problem. Just as AudioQuest analog cables offer a less-distorted and more efficient path for audio signals, GroundGoody does the same for ground connections.


Made from exceptionally pure materials, and featuring high-quality solid-core conductors and direct-silver-plated spades, GroundGoody ground wires vastly improve the ground path while simultaneously enhancing the overall sound quality.


Jupiter features a single Perfect Surface Silver conductor for superb tone, resolution, and speed.


Saturn features a single Perfect Surface Copper+ conductor for an ultra-pure ground path with an astonishing reduction in grit and grain.

AudioQuest - GroundGoody Turntable Ground

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