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AudioQuest - NRG Edison Wall Outlet

AudioQuest NRG Edison Wall Outlet


You've Got the Power With the AudioQuest NRG Edison Electrical Wall Outlet.


Hanging-Silver Plating, Low-Impedance Levels, and Beryllium-Copper Base Metal Among Features of AudioQuest NRG Edison Wall Outlets That Lower Distortion and Transfer Noise From Components


Say goodbye to plugs falling out of the wall and improve your overall system sound by upgrading to AudioQuest NRG Edison electrical wall outlets. Offering tremendous clamping force, and available in both 15A and 20A versions, they feature hanging-silver plating to ensure the lowest distortion and transfer radio-frequency noise away from your components. NRG Edison also claims best-in-class low-impedance levels throughout the retention blades, ground, wire, and spade-lug connections. With the retention-strong


NRG Edison, you've got the power!

Polished High-Tension Surfaces with Hanging-Silver Plating
Ensures the lowest distortion of any plated or clad material. It also efficiently transfers signal-masking radio frequency noise toward your utilities transformer and earth ground, far away from your sensitive components.


Significantly Greater Metal Mass for Optimum Current Delivery

No other AC outlet boasts such low impedance for optimum current delivery. This is not only limited to the receptacles' retention blades, but includes the critical ground, wire, and spade-lug connections.


Beryllium-Copper Base Metal
This metal provides superior gripping strength and long-lasting, low-impedance AC power connections. Typical materials such as brass, and high-purity copper aided by spring and wedge devices cannot equal the unparalleled retention strength of high-mass beryllium-copper.

AudioQuest - NRG Edison Wall Outlet

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