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AudioQuest - PowerQuest 2 Power Strip

AudioQuest PowerQuest 2 Power Strip


Designed by Niagara Series Engineer Garth Powell: High-Value AudioQuest PowerQuest 2 Power Strip Provides Surge Protection and Power Filtration, Fits in Tight Spaces, Includes USB Ports


Stratospherically less expensive than the company's award-winning Niagara Series, the AudioQuest PowerQuest 2 surge protector/power filter strip is nonetheless designed by the same engineer – Garth Powell – and brings many of the same essential safeguards to any A/V or home-theater system.


Powell devised PowerQuest 2 to provide many similar benefits – noise and distortion removal, improved overall performance of any connected devices, and critical protection from high-voltage and current surges that otherwise damage your equipment – while costing far less. In other words, PowerQuest 2 makes audiophile-grade filtration and protection far more accessible to a much greater audience.


Equipped with six outlets (one 4k/8k video-optimized ultra-linear filter, one high-current, four linear filters) and two high-speed USB charging ports, PowerQuest 2 is ideal for everything from video-based setups to computer audio systems. After all, if you own a soundbar, receiver, HDTV, or home-theater system, living without such a device is unthinkable. PowerQuest 2's slim profile also means it fits in tight spaces, can be oriented vertically or horizontally in cabinets or racks – and even mounted on the wall.


AudioQuest also includes a directionally optimized concentric-geometry power cord to make life even easier.

AudioQuest - PowerQuest 2 Power Strip

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