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AudioQuest - Sorbothane 6" x 6" Self Stick Sheet (Ea)

AudioQuest Sorbothane 6" x 6" Self Stick Sheet (Ea)


Thin and Flexible, These are a Terrific and Inexpensive Upgrade for any System


Audioquest's Sorbothane Self-Stick 6"x6" sheet is an easy to use, flexible and highly effective vibration control tool. These sheets feature a self-adhesive making it easy to put damping material anywhere it's needed.


Simply peel and stick. Use to couple bookshelf speakers to stands, use it inside your audio components to absorb vibration, stick it under the shelves of your audio rack for an instant sonic upgrade. Only 0.10" thick, these sheets provide excellent and unobtrusive vibration control.


These sheets can be easily cut to size using ordinary scissors; section a sheet into eight 1" squares for the top of your speaker stands and you'll have plenty left over for other uses. Use a full sheet to damp the top or rear panel of your digital devices for an instant boost in resolution. For best results, we do recommend adhering the sheet inside the chassis, but even just laying it on top will help.


For the more adventurous, stick a little to the back of your tweeter's magnet for a more relaxed, better focused sound. Cut out rounds and stick them on capacitors and resistors in your crossover. CD players and phono preamps will benefit from having small amounts stuck to their capacitors and resistors (don't forget the clock) as well.


Phono cartridges may benefit from a small piece of Sorbothane on the headshell or even stuck to the sides of the cartridge. Remember, this will change tracking force, so check this after placement. Sorbothane sheets can be used virtually anywhere, but please use common sense. If your unit is too hot to touch during operation, this is probably not a good place to put a Sorbothane sheet.


NOTE: We do not recommend that any Sorbothane product, including AudioQuest's Sorbothane sheets be used on natural wood surfaces. Sorbothane reacts with wood finishes and will damage the finish. Finishes like steel, anodized aluminum, vinyl, plastic etc are all OK.


Sorbothane is a synthetic visco-elastic polymer; a rubber-like material that has the ability to absorb noise in both the horizontal and vertical planes, even when lightly compressed. Sorbothane is composed of very long molecules which wiggle (important technical term) dissipating kinetic energy (motion) as small amounts of heat. Long story short, AudioQuest's Sorbothane Sheets make a quick upgrade easy.

AudioQuest - Sorbothane 6" x 6" Self Stick Sheet (Ea)

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