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AudioQuest - Type 9 Speaker Cables (Pair)

AudioQuest Type 9 Speaker Cables (Pair)


Put a Stop to Listener Fatigue and Hear Clear Signal Transmission with AudioQuest Type 9 Speaker Cables: PSC+ Conductors and Enhanced Noise Dissipation Elevate  Performance


If your ears feel fatigued after long listening sessions or movie nights, it's time you heard AudioQuest's Type 9 speaker cables. Using the same extremely high-purity Perfect Surface Copper+ as the company's expensive Robin Hood models, Type 9 is free of the grain and harshness common to ordinary cables.


AudioQuest researchers also discovered 100% pure PSC+ produces a clearer, quieter signal than what is heard via traditional coppers like OFHC, OCC, and 8N. The use of such cutting-edge materials and creative engineering make Type 9 a cable that reveals critically important nuances and unleashes explosive dynamics in music and soundtracks.


While Type 9 uses AudioQuest's Star-Quad geometry (known for its quiet and reliable audiophile-grade performance), it also comes upgraded with multiple carbon layers as well as direction-controlled conductors and shielding that significantly lower the noise floor and reduce Transient Intermodulation Distortion (TIM). Consequently, Type 9 extends bass and fleshes out vocals and instruments to the degree you'll want to re-experience your entire music and movie collection.


In order to correct another common flaw in cables – termination quality – AudioQuest equips Type 9 with a proprietary SureGrip 500 connector, which utilizes one-piece solid high-purity Pure Red Copper instead of inferior-sounding multiple pieces or brass.


What's more, pure "hanging gold" gets directly plated in order to eliminate intermediary layers that cause lesser cables to sound muddy and one-dimensional. And, by going with a cold-welded connection instead of common solder, Type 9 delivers additional accuracy and neutrality. Rounding out its already considerable list of strengths, Type 9 can be employed for longer runs because of its low capacitance and minimal resistance.

AudioQuest - Type 9 Speaker Cables (Pair)

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