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Aurora - The Gods We Can Touch Vinyl 2LP

Aurora The Gods We Can Touch Vinyl 2LP


Aurora's The Gods We Can Touch is an elegant and celestial but provocative album about shame, desire and morality, all seen through the narrative prism of Greek mythology. In each of the album's 15 songs we meet a different God.


On "Exist For Love," it's Aphrodite; We also meet Persephone, queen of the damned (on "Heathens"), Morpheus ("This Could Be A Dream") and Peitho, the personification of seduction and persuasion ("A Dangerous Thing"). "The Greeks had gods and goddesses for everything," Aurora notes. "For anxiety, for wine, for sex... Long ago when this concept of gods and goddesses started they were more human, more relatable, and almost touchable. Most importantly, they had flaws."


Aurora The Gods We Can Touch Track Listing:


1. Forbidden Fruits of Eden
2. Everything matters
3. Giving In To the love
4. Cure For Me
5. You keep me crawling
6. Exist For Love
7. Heathens
8. The Innocent
9. Exhale, Inhale
10. Temporary High
11. A Dangerous Thing
12. Artemis
13. The Blood In The Wine
14. This Could Be A Dream
15. A Little Place Called The Moon

Aurora - The Gods We Can Touch Vinyl 2LP

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