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Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs Vinyl 2LP

Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs Vinyl 2LP


The Beastie Boys were once upon a time the court jesters of rap. Wearing the label loud and proud, the New York trio lived by their own set of rules and ignited controversy wherever they set foot.


Besides their daring-to-be-different and non-conforming attitudes, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "MCA" Yauch were considered pretty influential musicians too - the group were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. To the 5 Boroughs (2004) served as the group's sixth studio effort overall and first since 1998's Hello Nasty.


An expertly crafted homage to New York littered with the trio's signature humor and political fire, the platinum-certified album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the hit "Ch-Check It Out."


Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs Track Listing:




1. Ch-Check It Out
2. Right Right Now Now
3 The Hard Way
4. It Takes Time To Build
5. Rhyme The Rhyme Well
6. Triple Trouble
7. Hey Fuck You
8. Oh Word?




1. That's It That's All
2. All Lifestyles
3. Shazam!
4. An Open Letter To NYC
5. Crawlspace
6. The Brouhaha
7. We Got The

Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs Vinyl 2LP

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