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Belinda Carlisle - Collection 180g Import Colored Vinyl 2LP

Belinda Carlisle Collection 180g Import Colored Vinyl 2LP


With a collection of hits spanning three decades, Demon Music Group is proud to release Belinda Carlisle - The Collection. Featuring a comprehensive overview of Belinda's solo career during the '80s, '90s and featuring two brand new tracks, it's a chronicle of an artist who has sold over eight million records around the world, including more than three million in the U.K. alone.


The Collection boasts a remarkable 15 Top 40 UK singles including No. 1 hit "Heaven Is A Place On Earth," "Circle In The Sand," "I Get Weak," "Leave A Light On," "Summer Rain," "La Luna" and "Live Your Life Be Free" plus the 2013 radio hit "Sun" and the newly penned "Goodbye Just Go."


Belinda Carlisle Collection Track Listing:




1. (We Want) The Same Thing
2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
3. Live Your Life Be Free
4. Leave A Light On
5. I Get Weak
6. Big Scary Animal
7. Runaway Horses
8. Half The World




1. Sun
2. Little Black Book
3. Circle In The Sand
4. Summer Rain
5. Do You Feel Like I Feel?
6. World Without You (7" Remix)
7. La Luna
8. Vision Of You (‘91 Mix)
9. Goodbye Just Go

Belinda Carlisle - Collection 180g Import Colored Vinyl 2LP

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