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Betty Who - Big! Colored Vinyl LP

Betty Who Big! Colored Vinyl LP


Australian pop iconoclast Betty Who releases the new album Big! which ushers in a new era for Betty as an artist. After taking a hiatus during the pandemic to self-reflect and record, her sound is more refined and in tune with her inner world than ever before.


Lead single "Blow Out My Candle," is a triumphant return to form for Betty Who and a catchy ode to perseverance while follow-up "She Can Dance" - "is about as autobiographical as I could get," Betty shares. "I knew making this album that the stories had to be true, that it had to feel scary and more vulnerable than ever.


So without further ado, I present to you a retelling of the facts of my life as I see them. She was never perfect, but at least she tried and had a great time along the way. I hope 'She Can Dance' makes you feel like you can dance through the trying times."


Betty Who Big! Track Listing:


1. Big
2. Weekend
3. Hey, It's Betty
4. Blow Out My Candle
5. I Can Be Your Man
6. She Can Dance
7. Someone Else
8. The Hard Way
9. One Of Us
10. Amelia's Voicemail
11. Grown Ups Grow Apart

Betty Who - Big! Colored Vinyl LP

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