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Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits Vinyl 2LP

Black Label Society Grimmest Hits Vinyl 2LP


Black Label Society bandleader Zakk Wylde wields his guitar like a Viking weapon, bashing out thick riffage and squeezing out expressive squeals as if the glory of his Berserker brotherhood depends upon every single note, which of course, it does.


Charismatic beast and consummate showman, Wylde puts his massive heart and earnest soul on display with unbridled, unchained, animalistic passion in BLS, whether it's a crushingly heavy blues-rock barnstormer or a piano-driven ode to a fallen brother.


Each BLS album is another opportunity to top the one before it, but like AC/DC or The Rolling Stones, they're not here to reinvent the wheel. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's a brand you can trust.


Grimmest Hits, the band's tenth full-length studio album and follow-up to Billboard Top 5 entries Catacombs of the Black Vatican (2014) and Order of the Black (2010), submits new anthems like radio single "Room of Nightmares," the bluesy "Seasons of Falter," and Southern-fried "The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away" to the BLS faithful; 12 unstoppable tracks to add to that lifestyle soundtrack.


Black Label Society Grimmest Hits Track Listing:




1. Trampled Down Below
2. Seasons of Falter
3. The Betrayal
4. All That Once Shined
5. The Only Words
6. Room of Nightmares




1. A Love Unreal
2. Disbelief
3. The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away
4. Illusions of Peace
5. Bury Your Sorrow
6. Nothing Left To Say

Black Label Society - Grimmest Hits Vinyl 2LP

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