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Black Label Society Sonic Brew: 20th Anni Blend 5.99 5.19 180g Colored Vinyl 2LP

Black Label Society Sonic Brew: 20th Anni Blend 5.99 5.19 180g Colored Vinyl 2LP


Sonic Brew 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99-5.19 is nothing like the infamously awful, failed experiment of New Coke. This is the original formula, like Coke Classic, but spiked with Viagra, the Captain America super soldier serum, and triple the caffeine. It's less of a floor to ceiling remodel than it is a fresh coat of paint, in preparation for another crazy house party.


Zakk Wylde and crew were careful not to mess with the magic captured on the long lost two-inch tape.


Instead, they blessed the master with some note-for-note enhancement, spicing up Sonic Brew with a perfected recipe. "I don't want to hear Led Zeppelin II redone, with the band just replaying the whole record," notes the charismatic frontman and gregarious guitar icon.


"The performances and everything is a snapshot in time. We just added on top of what was already there on the original recordings. It's like we went in and did surgery on this thing. We took the original CD master and added things that made it stronger."


Wylde, who was still in his teens when he got his demo tape into Ozzy's hands, was part of No More Tears (the biggest selling album of the legendary singer's solo career), the double-platinum Ozzmosis, and a Best Metal Performance Grammy win. A one-off record with Pride & Glory in 1994 was followed by Zakk's first solo album, Book of Shadows (1996).


Sonic Brew introduced Black Label Society to the world, igniting a molten momentum that barely slowed for the arrival of Book of Shadows II (2016), 20 years after its predecessor. It's beautifully serendipitous that Sonic Brew 20th Anniversary Blend 5.99-5.19 now marks a similar landmark anniversary.

"Sonic Brew was the beginning. I can't believe it's been 20 years," Zakk marvels.


Thanks to a new arrangement with Entertainment One (eOne), the BLS back catalog is now all in one place, uniting the band's previous work with their more recent output. The "re-blended" version of their classic debut is resurrected bigger than ever without sacrificing its familiar kick. Plus, there are two bonus cuts: a full band/piano version of "Spoke in the Wheel" and an acoustic take on "Black Pearl." Colored 180g vinyl 2LP-set. 


Black Label Society Sonic Brew: 20th Anni Blend 5.99 5.1 Track Listing:




1. Bored to Tears
2. The Rose Petalled Garden
3. Hey You
4. Born to Lose
5. Peddlers of Death
6. Mother Mary
7. Beneath the Tree
8. Low Down




1. T.A.Z.
2. Lost My Better Half
3. Black Pearl
4. World of Trouble
5. Spoke In The Wheel
6. The Beginning... at Last
7. Black Pearl (Unplugged) [Bonus Track]
8. Spoke In The Wheel (Unplugged) [Bonus Track]

Black Label Society Sonic Brew: 20th Anni Blend 5.99 5.19 180g Colored Vinyl 2LP

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