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Black Pumas - Black Pumas: Deluxe Colored Vinyl 2LP

Black Pumas Black Pumas: Deluxe Colored Vinyl 2LP


Deluxe Edition Colored Vinyl 2LP+7"-Set with Original Album Plus 11 Bonus Tracks including 3 New Songs, 4 Covers and Unreleased Live Material!  


Black Pumas is led by the creative partnership between Grammy Award-winning guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada and songwriter Eric Burton. The latter is a relative newcomer who arrived in Austin in 2015 after busking his way across the country from Los Angeles, while Quesada has a storied reputation for playing in bands like Grupo Fantasma and Brownout.


After the two connected via friends in the Austin scene, they began to collaborate on a new sound that transmutes soul into something idiosyncratically modern.


Reminiscent of Ghostface Killah and Motown in equal measure, this original sound ensured that Black Pumas' weekly residency at C-Boys quickly became "the hottest party in town" (Austin-American Statesman).


Produced by Quesada in his home studio and colored by Burton's dark imagery and haunting vocals, their Grammy-nominated eponymous 2019 debut is equally as indebted to East Coast hip-hop as it is to classic funk and soul, resulting in a project that is of the moment rather than retro. From the roiling, solar eclipse-inspired noir of "Black Moon Rising" to the ponderous yet epic "Oct 33," it's stunner.


This Deluxe Edition reissue of their debut features the original album plus eleven bonus tracks, three new original songs and four covers, plus unreleased live material. The colored vinyl 2LP-set comes complete with a bonus 7" single, new artwork and unpublished studio and live photographs.


Black Pumas Black Pumas Track Listing:




1. Black Moon Rising
2. Colors
3. Know You Better
4. Fire
5. OCT 33
6. Stay Gold
7. Old Man
8. Confines
9. Touch The Sky
10. Sweet Conversations




1. Fast Car
2. I Am Ready
3. Red Rover
4. Black Cat
5. Politicians In My Eyes
6. Colors (Live In Studio)
7. OCT 33 (Live In Studio)
8. Confines (Live In Studio)
9. Know You Better (Live At C-Boys)

Black Pumas - Black Pumas: Deluxe Colored Vinyl 2LP

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