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Cardas Audio - CGFX Clear Gold Rhodium Female XLR (Ea)

Cardas Audio CGFX Clear Gold Rhodium Female XLR (Ea)


The first XLR ever from Cardas, these gorgeous connectors are built to sound great!  Cardas Clear XLRs are a complete ground-up reexamination of the XLR concept.  Cardas Clear XLRs may look similar to conventional XLRs, but they feature a number of concepts that up until now have not been used in any other XLR.


Until recently many believed that traditional XLR connectors were just fine.  However, XLR connectors have a few weaknesses which as cable design and materials have improved have become more and more apparent.  These deficits in traditional XLR design have become limitations to ultimate sonic quality.


The primary limitation in virtually all XLR plugs is that the material that connects the conductor pins is metal! This allows spurious signals such as phase or clock frequencies to inject themselves into the delicate signal path. To eliminate this in the Cardas Clear XLR connectors each pin is surrounded with a Teflon dielectric for optimal isolation.


A secondary limitation of most XLR connectors is the conductors themselves are made of rather cheap materials, which as we’ve learned over the years, can have a deleterious effect on sound quality.  Cardas uses high-copper content eutectic brass for the conductors and then protects them with Rhodium for high durability.  Clear XLRs are designed to last a lifetime and sound great doing it.


NOTE: Due to our distributor agreement with Cardas we are unable to sell Cardas products outside of the United States.

Cardas Audio - CGFX Clear Gold Rhodium Female XLR (Ea)

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