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Cardas Audio - Clear Network Ethernet Cable

Cardas Audio Clear Network Ethernet Cable


An Ethernet Cable Worthy of High-Resolution Music Streaming: Cardas Audio Clear Network Made with Ultra-Pure Copper Solid-Core Conductors, Has Advanced Shielding for Clear, Noise-


Free Transmission if you're streaming high-resolution music, you're likely using an Ethernet connection in the chain and putting up with cheap cable. Cardas Audio's Clear Network Ethernet cable upgrades a link you might not have even considered – and roundly improves upon the inferior Ethernet cable supplied with your setup.


Featuring eight 24 AWG Cardas Ultra-Pure Copper solid core conductors, and jacketed in skin-foamed polyethylene, Clear Network is arranged in shielded pairs complete with their own drain wire.


The bundle of pairs is wrapped in a foil shield, and then a braided shield, leaving no stone unturned. The premium Grade 1 copper consists of 99.9999% pure oxygen-free copper and Clear Network is hand-terminated with premium Telegartner RJ45 connectors.


Effortlessly raise your high-res experience to a higher level today with Clear Network. Ships from manufatuer Bandon, Oregon. 

Cardas Audio - Clear Network Ethernet Cable

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