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Cardas Audio - Clear Sky Interconnects (Pair)


Cardas Audio Clear Sky Interconnects (Pair)


You've got to have tremendous confidence in an audio product to christen it with the term "clear" in the title, let alone reference the unlimited ceiling of the upper atmosphere.


Cardas Clear Sky lives up to its moniker with an overabundance of detail, soundstaging, and tonal capabilities. Adding not even the slightest hint of coloration, this outstanding interconnect epitomizes neutrality and balance.


Design Features:


Matched Propagation
Golden section
braided shield

Outside Diameter.370"

Dielectric Type

Non-conductive air-tube & low-noise tape wrap

Conductors2 x 25.5 AWG Clear Sky copper conductors
Alcryn jacket


NOTE: Due to our distributor agreement with Cardas we are unable to sell Cardas products outside of the United States.

Cardas Audio - Clear Sky Interconnects (Pair)

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