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Cardas Audio - Crosslink Speaker Cables (Pair)

Cardas Audio Crosslink Speaker Cables (Pair)


Crosslink Gives You Cardas Quality at an Entry-Level Price

Lightweight and flexible, Crosslink has excellent bass extension and a more forgiving top-end. Multi-gauge, Golden Section, Constant Q conductors are used. Crosslink has flame retardant EEA and cotton for the dielectric, with a PVC jacket, making it CL 2 rated. Crosslink is great for any system!


"The Crosslink is a very smooth, natural sounding cable that made [other cables] appear etched and grainy sounding in the upper mid and treble regions. Sibilance was also less prominent with the Crosslink.


In particular, vocals were more pleasing and natural sounding...The pluck of the string bass was rounder and I could now hear the resonance of the wood body of the instrument. Subtle details coming to life was the reward of the Crosslink."
– SoundStage!




Outside Diameter: .365
Dielectric Type: EEA and Cotton
Q Factor: 10.6
Inductance: .11 uh/ft/loop
Capacitance: 55 pf/ft
Bi Wire Option: Yes
Discrete Conductors: 108
Cable AWG: 10
Conductor Type: Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, O.F.C.


NOTE: Due to our distributor agreement with Cardas we are unable to sell Cardas products outside of the United States.

Cardas Audio - Crosslink Speaker Cables (Pair)

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