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Cat Stevens - Teaser And The Firecat 50th Anniversary 180g Vinyl LP

Cat Stevens Teaser And The Firecat 50th Anniversary 180g Vinyl LP


50th Anniversary Remaster Overseen by Original Album Producer Paul Samwell-Smith at Abbey Road Studios and Pressed on 180g Vinyl LP!


Following 2020's 50th anniversary editions of the era-defining Tea for the Tillerman and Mona Bone Jakon, 2021 sees Cat Stevens celebrate 1971's landmark Teaser and the Firecat, with a new 50th Anniversary remaster on 180g vinyl LP.


The 50th Anniversary remaster was completed at Abbey Road Studios, and was overseen by original album producer, Paul Samwell-Smith.

Cat Stevens achieved phenomenal success with his early work, but it was Teaser and the Firecat, his third LP with Island Records – A&M in the U.S. – that propelled the singer/songwriter into superstardom, spawning some of his most unforgettable hits including "Moonshadow," "Peace Train" and "Morning Has Broken," songs by a youthful spiritual seeker, wise beyond his years that would lay the pretext for a poignant new wave of soulful troubadours and poets.


Later, "The Wind" would see Teaser and the Firecat celebrated anew, rising to prominence following the song's use in Wes Anderson's much celebrated film Rushmore as well as the Oscar-winning Cameron Crowe film, Almost Famous.


Through his spell-binding gift for songwriting and his introspective vision, Cat delivered a universal sense of hope and peace in Teaser and the Firecat that still resonates profoundly to this day.




• 180g vinyl LP
• 50th anniversary remaster
• Completed at Abbey Road Studios, overseen by original album producer Paul Samwell-Smith


Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat Track Listing:


1. The Wind
2. Rubylove
3. If I Laugh
4. Changes IV
5. Can I Tell You
6. Tuesday's Dead
7. Morning Has Broken
8. Bitterblue
9. Moonshadow
10. Peace Train

Cat Stevens - Teaser And The Firecat 50th Anniversary 180g Vinyl LP

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