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Clairo - Immunity Vinyl LP

Clairo Immunity Vinyl LP


Clairo, the moniker of 20-year-old multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Claire Cottrill, drops her debut album Immunity via the FADER label. Following-up her debut EP Diary 001, which featured the hit singles "Pretty Girl," "Flamin' Hot Cheetos" and "4EVER," Immunity sees Clairo team up with co-producer Rostam (Vampire Weekend) in a stunning glimpse into an artist's growth.


Lead single "Bags" is a delicate and delightfully weird taste of the  record; the gently strummed track builds to a peak augmented by warped guitars and piano. Quite different from the jangled angst of "Bags," second single "Closer To You" finds Clairo emoting her desire through autotune and a stark, burgeoning beat.


Clairo Immunity Track Listing:


1. Alewife
2. Impossible
3. Closer To You
4. North
5. Bags
6. Softly
7. Sofia
8. White Flag
9. Feel Something
10. Sinking
11. I Wouldn't Ask You

Clairo - Immunity Vinyl LP

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