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David Bowie - Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) 180g Vinyl 18LP & Book Box Set

David Bowie Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) 180g Vinyl 18LP & Book Box Set


The latest in an award-winning and critically acclaimed series of box sets including David Bowie 1. Five Years (1969 - 1973), David Bowie 2. Who Can I Be Now? (1974 - 1976), David Bowie 3. A New Career In A New Town (1977 - 1982) and David Bowie 4. Loving The Alien (1983-1988), David Bowie 5. Brilliant Adventure (1992 - 2001) is an eighteen-piece vinyl box set.


The collection is named after the Koto-led instrumental penultimate track from the 'hours...' album. The box set includes newly remastered versions, with input from the original producers and collaborators, of some of Bowie's most underrated and experimental material: Black Tie White Noise, The Buddha Of Suburbia (available on vinyl for the first time in nearly 30 years), 1.Outside, Earthling and hours... along with the expanded live album BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000, the non-album / alternative version / B-sides and soundtrack music compilation Re:Call 5 and the legendary previously unreleased Toy.


Toy was recorded following David's triumphant Glastonbury 2000 performance. Bowie entered the studio with his band - Mark Plati, Sterling Campbell, Gail Ann Dorsey, Earl Slick, Mike Garson, Holly Palmer and Emm Gryner - to record new interpretations of songs he'd first recorded from 1964-1971.


David planned to record the album "old school" with the band playing live, choose the best takes and then release it as soon as humanly possible in a remarkably prescient manner.


Unfortunately, in 2001 the concept of the "surprise drop" album release and the technology to support it were still quite a few years off, making it impossible to release Toy, as the album was now named, out to fans as instantly as David wanted.


In the interim, David did what he did best; he moved on to something new, which began with a handful of new songs from the same sessions and ultimately became the album Heathen, released in 2002 and now acknowledged as one of his finest moments.


The vinyl box set is pressed on audiophile-quality 180g vinyl.


David Bowie Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) Track Listing:


1. The Wedding
2. You've Been Around
3. I Feel Free
4. Black Tie White Noise (featuring Al B. Sure!)
5. Jump They Say
6. Nite Flights


1. Pallas Athena
2. Miracle Goodnight
3. Don't Let Me Down & Down
4. Looking for Lester
5. I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday
6. The Wedding Song


1. Buddha of Suburbia
2. Sex and the Church
3. South Horizon
4. The Mysteries
5. Bleed Like a Craze, Dad


1. Strangers When We Meet
2. Dead Against It
3. Untitled No. 1
4. Ian Fish, U.K. Heir
5. Buddha of Suburbia (featuring Lenny Kravitz on guitar)


1. Leon Takes Us Outside
2. Outside
3. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
4. A Small Plot of Land
5. Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)" (segue)
6. Hallo Spaceboy
7. The Motel
8. I Have Not Been to Oxford Town


1. No Control
2. Algeria Touchshriek (segue)
3. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (as Beauty)
4. Ramona A. Stone/I Am with Name (segue)
5. Wishful Beginnings
6. We Prick You
7. Nathan Adler (segue)
8. I'm Deranged
9. Thru' These Architects Eyes
10. Nathan Adler (segue)
11. Strangers When We Meet


1. Little Wonder
2. Looking for Satellites
3. Battle for Britain (The Letter)
4. Seven Years in Tibet
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Telling Lies


1. The Last Thing You Should Do
2. I'm Afraid of Americans
3. Law (Earthlings on Fire)


1. Thursday's Child
2. Something in the Air
3. Survive
4. If I'm Dreaming My Life
5. Seven
6. What's Really Happening?
7. The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell
8. New Angels of Promise
9. Brilliant Adventure
10. The Dreamers


1. Wild Is the Wind
2. Ashes to Ashes
3. Seven
4. This Is Not America
5. Absolute Beginners
6. Always Crashing in the Same Car


1. Survive
2. The London Boys
3. I Dig Everything
4. Little Wonder
5. The Man Who Sold the World
6. Fame
7. Stay


1. Hallo Spaceboy
2. Cracked Actor
3. I'm Afraid of Americans
4. All the Young Dudes
5. Starman
6. "Heroes"
7. Let's Dance


1. I Dig Everything
2. You've Got A Habit Of Leaving
3. The London Boys
4. Karma Man
5. Conversation Piece
6. Shadow Man
7. Let Me Sleep Beside You
8. Hole In The Ground


1. Baby Loves That Way
2. Can't Help Thinking About Me
3. Silly Boy Blue
4. Toy (Your Turn To Drive)


1. Real Cool World (Sounds From The Cool World Soundtrack Version)
2. Jump They Say (7" version)
3. Lucy Can't Dance
4. Black Tie White Noise (Radio Edit) (featuring Al B. Sure!)
5. Don't Let Me Down & Down (Indonesian Vocal Version)
6. Buddha Of Suburbia (Single Version) (featuring Lenny Kravitz on guitar)
7. The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Radio Edit)
8. Nothing To Be Desired
9. Strangers When We Meet (edit)
10. Get Real


1. The Man Who Sold The World (Live Eno Mix)
2. I'm Afraid Of Americans (Showgirls Soundtrack Version)
3. Hallo Spaceboy (Remix)
4. I Am With Name (Alternative Version)
5. A Small Plot Of Land (Long Basquiat Soundtrack Version)
6. Little Wonder (Edit)
7. A Fleeting Moment (aka Severn Years In Tibet - Mandarin Version)
8. Dead Man Walking (Edit)
9. Seven Years In Tibet (Edit)
10. Planet Of Dreams - David Bowie and Gail Ann Dorsey


1. I'm Afraid Of Americans (V1 - Edit)
2. I Can't Read (The Ice Storm Long Version)
3. A Foggy Day In London Town - David Bowie and Angelo Badalamenti
4. Fun (Bowienet Mix)
5. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Stigmata Soundtrack Version)
6. Thursday's Child (Radio Edit)
7. We All Go Through
8. No One Calls
9. We Shall Go To Town
10. 1917
1. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Edit)
2. Thursday's Child (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version)
3. New Angels Of Promise (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version)
4. The Dreamers (Omikron: The Nomad Soul Version)
5. Seven (Demo)
6. Survive (Marius De Vries mix)
7. Something In The Air (American Psycho Remix)
8. Seven (Marius De Vries Mix)
9. Pictures Of Lily

David Bowie - Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) 180g Vinyl 18LP & Book Box Set

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