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Death Cab for Cutie - The Photo Album 180g Colored Vinyl LP

Death Cab for Cutie The Photo Album 180g Colored Vinyl LP


Beautifully remastered by João Carvalho, cut for vinyl by Joe Nino-Hernes at Sterling Sound, and pressed at RTI!


180g clear vinyl, limited to 2,000 copies worldwide! Double-wide jacket contains 12-page booklet


Also includes a 35-track digital download (also fully remastered by João)


Download includes The Photo Album, The Stability EP, plus digital-only B-sides and compilation tracks, band demos, acoustic radio sessions, alternate lyrics, and studio outtakes available for the first time


Death Cab for Cutie turn difficult personal issues into literary rock songs while straddling the narrow line between blissful pop and driving indie rock. The Northwest act's songs soar high like Built to Spill's or Beulah's, and almost every track on The Photo Album is as musically bouncy and upbeat as the best of those bands. As catchy as the songs on The Photo Album may be, though, it's really front man Benjamin Gibbard's comfort with laying his emotional issues bare that makes this an excellent album.


"Styrofoam Plates" is the most stunning track, with words that leave chills long after they've disappeared. As Gibbard sings about anger for a dead father ("It's not quite a stretch to say you were not quite a father / But a donor of seeds to a poor single mother / That would raise us alone / We never saw the money / It went down your throat down the hole in your belly"), his stark honesty makes this dysfunctional family story the most compelling piece of this album.


The other issues of clumsy relationships pale a little in comparison, but The Photo Album still leaves little doubt that Death Cab deserve all the indie rock accolades they have received.


Death Cab for Cutie The Photo Album Track Listing:


1.  Steadier Footing 
2.  A Movie Script Ending 
3.  We Laugh Indoors 
4.  Information Travels Faster 
5.  Why You’d Want to Live Here 
6.  Blacking Out the Friction 
7.  I Was a Kaleidoscope 
8.  Styrofoam Plates 
9.  Coney Island 
10. Debate Exposes Doubt 

Death Cab for Cutie - The Photo Album 180g Colored Vinyl LP

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