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Dinosaur Jr. - Dinosaur Vinyl LP

Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Vinyl LP


Long Out of Print Dinosaur Jr. Vinyl Reissue


By now, you know the story: J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Patrick “Murph” Murphy, meet in Amherst, MA. J, Lou and Murph start a band. Said band goes on to rip through the musical landscape and prove to be the genesis of the “alternative rock” archetype.


Over the last 25+ years, Dinosaur Jr. have influenced a countless number of bands, both peers and protégés, by wailing their classic union of melodic bass, seething drums, virtuosic guitar shredding and listless vocal delivery through the iconic Marshall stacks.


Jagjaguwar is honored to reissue the band's first three albums, Dinosaur (1985), You’re Living All Over Me (1987) and Bug (1988) on vinyl. Originally released on the venerable Homestead and SST labels in the 1980’s, the reissues stay true to form and include the original cover art and cardinal track lists.


Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Track Listing:


1.  Forget The Swan
2.  Cats In A Bowl
3.  The Leper
4.  Does It Float
5.  Pointless
6.  Repulsion
7.  Gargoyle
8.  Severed Lips
9.  Mountain Man
10. Quest

Dinosaur Jr. - Dinosaur Vinyl LP

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