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El Ten Eleven - Banker's Hill Vinyl LP

El Ten Eleven Banker's Hill Vinyl LP


The music of El Ten Eleven has been described as "meditation in motion," which seems apt. To fully realize this descriptor the band worked with an outside producer for the first time in their 16-year career, teaming up with Sonny DiPerri and moving into the incredible confines of Panoramic House on the beautiful Northern California coast.


The result is Banker's Hill – an album that explores the paradox of beauty in anxiety, the importance and effect of family and the fleeting possibility of satisfaction. Made up of Kristian Dunn (bass, guitar) and Tim Fogarty (drums), they utilize multiple looping pedals to create songs that sound as though they are being played by at least six people.


Most first-timers to an El Ten Eleven show are stunned that the band is a duo. It's a refreshing site in this age of letting the computers do all the work.


El Ten Eleven Banker's Hill Track Listing:


1. Three and a Half Feet High and Rising
2. Phenomenal Problems
3. You Are Enough
4. We Don't Have A Sail But We Have A Rudder
5. Gyroscopic Precession
6. Banker's Hill
7. Listening to Clouds
8. Reverie
9. This Morning With Her, Having Coffee

El Ten Eleven - Banker's Hill Vinyl LP

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