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ELAC - LS20 Speaker Stands (Pair)

ELAC LS20 Speaker Stands (Pair)


ELAC LS-20 Speaker Stands Are Engineered for Optimal, Secure Positioning of ELAC Reference Loudspeakers


An elite loudspeaker deserves a customized, elite stand. The ELAC LS-20 Speaker Stands have been custom designed to match the ELAC Reference line of loudspeakers. The 6" x 8.5" steel top plate ensures a great fit with these speakers.


The stands come with rubber bumpers, which further help dampen cabinet vibrations. The stand itself is constructed from an aluminum center column with a steel top plate and a substantial, "H-shape" base plate. The mass of the base plate, combined with its meticulous design, adds extra stability to the stand.


The stands are sold as a pair and are available in black or white. (Use the pull-down menu above to make your selection.) The stands come equipped with both spikes and adjustable rubber feet, so you can place them on either carpet or solid floors. 




Materials: Top Plate (Steel), Center Column (Aluminum), Base (Steel)
Stand Height: 23" (With Spikes or Rubber Feet)
Top Plate Dimensions: 6" x 8.5"
Bottom Base Dimensions: 9.65" x 10.63"
Weight: 6.6 lbs. Each
Included Accessories: Floor Spikes, Rubber Feet, Rubber Bumpers

ELAC - LS20 Speaker Stands (Pair)

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