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Enigma - The Cross of Changes 180g Vinyl LP

Enigma The Cross of Changes 180g Vinyl LP


Enigma started as a studio project by multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Michael Cretu in 1990. The project's second album, The Cross of Changes came along in 1993 following the breakout debut MCMXC a.D. and includes the single, "Carly's Song" ("Age of Loneliness") which was also featured in the movie Silver.


Cretu had actually been asked to compose the entire soundtrack but he felt unable to do so given his commitments to a second Enigma record. This album developed the sound of Enigma with world music sounds and while not as successful commercially is a very satisfying recording. With 70 million albums sold in all, over 60 No. 1 rankings across the world and more than 100 Platinum records later; Enigma is the most successful German music project of the last three decades. With a concept mixing atmospheric soundscapes, meditative beats, world music themes, fascinating vocal samples and mystical imagery, Enigma paved the way for electronic music bursting into the mainstream.


Remastered and available here on standard black 180g vinyl LP.


Enigma The Cross of Changes Track Listing:


1. Second Chapter
2. The Eyes Of Truth
3. Return To Innocence
4. I Love You... I'll Kill You
5. Silent Warrior
6. The Dream Of The Dolphin
7. Age Of Loneliness (Carly's Song)
8. Out From The Deep
9. The Cross Of Changes

Enigma - The Cross of Changes 180g Vinyl LP

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