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Erykah Badu-  Worldwide Underground Vinyl LP

Erykah Badu Worldwide Underground Vinyl LP 


Erykah Badu's third studio album further cements her status as the most intelligently and politically-provocative female R&B artist recording today. She's also perhaps the most sophisticated, melding classic soul styles to hip-hop production values- the same genre-breaking attitude epitomized by the late Nina Simone.


Erykah Badu WorldWide Underground Track Listing:


1. World Keeps Turnin' 
2. Bump It 
3. Back in the Day 
4. I Want You 
5. Woo 
6. The Grind 
7. Danger 
8. Think Twice 
9. Love of My Life Worldwide 
10. World Keeps Turnin' 

Erykah Badu- Worldwide Underground Vinyl LP

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