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Felt - Felt 4 U Colored Vinyl 2LP

Felt Felt 4 U Colored Vinyl 2LP


After an 11-year hiatus, Murs and Slug are back with their fourth Felt album, Felt 4 U. With all the core elements that established Felt as a cult favorite still in place, Felt 4 U offers a fresh perspective from two virtuosic lyricists whose talents have only matured in the years since their last album was released.


Nestled among the album's twelve tracks are high-powered guest features – a first for Felt – including appearances from Blimes, The Grouch, Aesop Rock, and Shepard Albertson, with immaculate production by Ant.


Overall, this album provides the perfect segue into Felt's next chapter. It reflects changing attitudes in the culture and in the world as a whole, and it reflects the changes in Murs and Slug as well.


Whereas before, when some songs were delivered with perhaps a slight tone of judgment – for want of a better word – on Felt 4 U we find two artists offering us their opinions and viewpoints in the hopes of furthering discussion. It's exactly what's needed in the current climate and also a sign that the Felt story is far from over.


Felt Felt 4 U Track Listing:


1. Never's Enough
2. Find My Way
3. Don't Do Me Like That
4. Trees
5. Through The Night
6. Freeze Tag
7. Sticks & Stones
8. Underwater (feat. Blimes)
9. Alexander F'real
10. Hologram (feat. The Grouch & Aesop Rock)
11. Crimson Skies (feat. Shepard Albertson)
12. Borboleta

Felt - Felt 4 U Colored Vinyl 2LP

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