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FFS - FFS (Sparks and Franz Ferdinand) Vinyl 2LP

FFS FFS (Sparks and Franz Ferdinand) Vinyl 2LP


New Collaborative Project from Los Angeles Duo Sparks & Glasgow-Based Quartet Franz Ferdinand! 2LP-Set includes 4 Bonus Tracks! 


Collaborations don’t work, or that’s what FFS would have us believe on their debut album. When the seminal Los Angeles duo Sparks and Glasgow-based quartet Franz Ferdinand decided to record together, it was a flawed and potentially disastrous idea, right? Wrong, as FFS is one of the strongest albums of either bands’ distinguished career.


Produced by Grammy-award winning John Congleton (St Vincent, David Byrne) at London’s RAK Studios, the album FFS took 15 days to complete. Kimono My House-era Sparks fans will recognize how FFS highlights their classic pop rock DNA, and Franz Ferdinand fans won’t be disappointed to hear the band at the peak of their powers as they bring their exhilaratingly unique and witty modern rock sound to the collaboration.


Very much a new project, FFS doesn’t truly sound like either band, but a striking and fascinating mutation.


“The real motivation was to make something new, not ‘Franz featuring Russell Mael’, or ‘Sparks with Franz Ferdinand backing them,” says Alex Kapranos (of Franz Ferdinand). “You can’t chart what is Sparks and what is Franz Ferdinand,” suggests Ron Mael (of Sparks). “I think each band unconsciously relinquished a little of who they were in order to enter new territory.” 


So in the right hands, collaborations do indeed work, and beautifully as FFS wholeheartedly attests. The strength of the two bands is bigger than the sum of the parts. 2LP-set pressed on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl with four bonus tracks and an MP3 download. 


FFS FFS (Sparks and Franz Ferdinand) Track Listing:


1.  Johnny Delusional
2.  Call Girl
3.  Dictator's Son
4.  Little Guy From The Suburbs
5.  Police Encounters
6.  Save Me From Myself
7.  So Desu Ne
8.  The Man Without A Tan
9.  Things I Won't Get
10. The Power Couple
11. Collaborations Don't Work
12. Piss Off
13. So Many Bridges (bonus track)
14. King Of The Song (bonus track)
15. Look At Me (bonus track)
16. A Violent Death (bonus track)

FFS - FFS (Sparks and Franz Ferdinand) Vinyl 2LP

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