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France Gall - Baby Pop Vinyl LP

France Gall Baby Pop Vinyl LP


Third Man Records presents three reissues of albums by France Gall, marking the first North American vinyl pressings of Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son (1965), Baby Pop (1966) and 1968 (1968). Gall was a prolific French vocalist and performer, remembered as one of the central figures of the 1960s yé-yé pop movement.


Aligning catchy, spirited rhythms with lighthearted lyrics and drawing from the beat music a la early Beatles and Hollies, the yé-yé artists promoted a sort of new freedom of expression and breaking down of social barriers in post-WWII France. 


Baby Pop is not only an important album for France herself, it is also a hugely important record for the entire yé-yé scene. It hinted at the musical direction that yé-yé was headed in much the same way Revolver and Pet Sounds did in the UK and US. Baby Pop is more mature and varied than her earlier more bubblegum releases. You will still find a wonderfully cheesy tracks like "L'Amerique" here and there but with the impossibly infectious title track and songs like the Gainsbourg penned "Nous Ne Sommes Va-T'en" and the groovy Farfissa driven "Faut-Il que Je T'Aime" we welcome a new France Gall and say hello to some of the finest pop music ever released in French or any language.


France Gall Baby Pop Track Listing:


1. Baby Pop
2. Faut-Il Que Je T'Aime
3. Le Temps De La Rentrée
4. Attends Ou Va-T'En
5. Mon Bateau De Nuit
6. L'Amérique
7. Cet Air Là
8. C'Est Pas Facile D'Être Une Fille
9. Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges
10. On Se Ressemble Toi Et Moi
11. Deux Oiseaux
12. Et Des Baisers

France Gall - Baby Pop Vinyl LP

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