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Fu Manchu - King of the Road Vinyl 2LP

Fu Manchu King of the Road Vinyl 2LP


Founded by guitarist/vocalist Scott Hill, definitive Southern California outfit Fu Manchu debuted their ‘70s-inspired fuzz rock on 1994's acclaimed No One Rides For Free.


Over the next decade, the group received extensive international acclaim for such landmark albums as 1996's In Search Of..., 1997's The Action Is Go, 2000's King of the Road (hailed by Rolling Stone as "the ultimate desert-rock car album") and 2001's California Crossing.


Fu Manchu's killer concept album King of the Road, complete with a Devo cover, is reissued here on double vinyl courtesy of the band's own At The Dojo Records.


Fu Manchu King of the Road Track Listing:




1. Hell On Wheels
2. Over The Edge
3. Boogie Van
4. King Of The Road
5. No Dice
6. Blue Tile Fever




1. Grasschopper
2. Weird Beard
3. Drive
4. Hotdoggin'
5. Freedom Of Choice

Fu Manchu - King of the Road Vinyl 2LP

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