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HAIM - Something To Tell You 45RPM Vinyl 2LP

HAIM Something To Tell You 45RPM Vinyl 2LP


When the time came to record the eleven tracks that make up Haim's highly anticipated sophomore album Something To Tell You the surging sibling trio decided to "go in and record as a band, keeping it a little more organic.


That was kind of a mission statement for the album" offers Danielle. Haim reunited with Grammy-winning Ariel Rechtshaid to produce Something To Tell You which is ushered in by the anthemic lead single "Right Now" and an accompanying Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video.


Haim initially built their reputation upon a hard-edged, guitar-driven live sound, yet their 2014 debut, Days Are Gone, was a more measured, melodic affair, with the songs' already beguiling hooks given a modern, R&B-flavored pop sheen by co-producers Ariel Rechtshaid (Madonna, No Doubt) and former Arctic Monkeys' deskman James Ford.


The critically acclaimed release went straight to No. 1 and was listed as album of the year by several publications including Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Time Out and Complex.


HAIM Something To Tell You Track Listing:




1. Want You Back
2. Nothing's Wrong
3. Little of Your Love
4. Ready For You
5. Something To Tell You
6. You Never Knew




1. Kept Me Crying
2. Found It In Silence
3. Walking Away
4. Right Now
5. Night So Long
6. Water's Running Dry

HAIM - Something To Tell You 45RPM Vinyl 2LP

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