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Hell Fire - Reckoning Vinyl LP

Hell Fire Reckoning Vinyl LP


Sometimes a band grows so exponentially from one record to the next, it's almost jarring. Hell Fire has already established themselves as the preeminent masters of a new hybrid breed of Bay Area thrash and NWOBHM in just a few short years, but their fourth album Reckoning is the type of ascendance that truly sets a band apart.


Reckoning is their Master Of Puppets, their Number Of The Beast, their Defenders Of The Faith. From the very first notes of the album opening title track, you can feel a vital new energy and inspiration to their music.


Hell Fire Reckoning Track Listing:


1. Reckoning
2. Medieval Cowboys
3. It Ends Tonight
4. Thrill of the Chase
5. Addicted To Violence
6. Tortuga Nights
7. Eye for an Eye
8. Many Worlds
9. Nowhere Fast
10. A Dying Moon
11. The Executioner

Hell Fire - Reckoning Vinyl LP

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