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Ice Nine Kills - Every Trick in the Book Vinyl LP

Ice Nine Kills Every Trick in the Book Vinyl LP


In a landscape littered with celebrity fakes and would-be influencers, Ice Nine Kills stand apart. Visionary trailblazers and multimedia raconteurs, INK has steadily built a thrilling new underworld for a growing legion of devoted true believers, with theatrical shows, high-concept videos, and inventive band-to-fan communion.


Ice Nine Kills summon the most captivating elements of metal, punk and hard rock and combine it with melody, cinematic obsession, and a literary fascination. Loudwire hails them as "one of the most unique acts in metal right now."


Ice Nine Kills is at the forefront of the natural crosspollination of subcultures. "Heavy music and horror are both escapes from our mundane struggles," frontman Spencer Charnas points out. "Horror gets a bad rap with some people who think it's sick and depraved. But those who love it tend to be the people who get it, who realize you aren't supposed to see Friday the 13th and then go kill a bunch of people at a summer camp.


Aggressive music and horror movies are outlets for your demons not a blueprint for your actions. It's an escape from reality. You could be having the worst day in the world, with your job or your significant other, and you can go and put on a great metal record or horror movie and forget about all of your problems."


Last Chance to Make Amends (2006) and Safe is Just a Shadow (2010) built their name a bit, but it was The Predator Becomes the Prey (2014) and Every Trick in the Book (2015) that really cemented Ice Nine Kills's reputation. Each of the ten tracks on Every Trick in the Book is based on a piece of classic literature drawing from the likes of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ("Me, Myself & Hyde"), Dracula ("Bloodbath & Beyond"), The Exorcist ("Communion of the Cursed"), and Romeo & Juliet ("Star-Crossed Enemies").


Ice Nine Kills Every Trick in the Book Track Listing:


1. The Nature Of The Beast
2. Communion Of The Cursed
3. Bloodbath & Beyond
4. The Plot Sickens
5. Star-Crossed Enemies
6. Me, Myself & Hyde
7. Alice
8. The People In The Attic
9. Tess-Timony
10. Hell In The Hallways

Ice Nine Kills - Every Trick in the Book Vinyl LP

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