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IsoAcoustics - Aperta Speaker Stands (Pair)

IsoAcoustics Aperta Speaker Stands (Pair)


The patented IsoAcoustics isolation stand Aperta, which means ‘open’ in Italian, allows for the full three-dimensional soundstage in your music.


Speakers float, eliminating reflections from being conducted back into the structure that create bass smear and resulting in a lack of clarity and openness. You will hear the difference immediately.


"Hearing first hand what the IsoAcoustics stands can do, listening to desktop speakers without them borders on the intolerable," reports John H. Darko,

"What the Aperta stands do is to clean up the sound, improving the focus, allowing you to hear deeper into the sound stage with a better 3 dimensional presentation," notes Mike Cox,


With an overall size of 6.1” wide, 7.5” deep, and 3” high, the Aperta isolation stand is specifically designed for use with bookshelf, desktop, or smaller floor standing speakers.


Sculpted from aluminum frames, the Aperta creates a parallelogram structure with isolators in the top and bottom sections to provide a high level of separation of sound. To adjust performance and response of the stands, they are tuned by managing the shape, thickness and durometer of the isolators. You can immediately hear the results. Moreover, the Aperta has a built-in tilt adjustment that can be dialed-in 6.5 degrees upward and downwards to optimize your speaker placement and focus.


A premier audio experience depends not only on the quality of your speakers, but also on the way they are set up. Ever take home a set of speakers that sounded spectacular in the showroom only to find something missing? IsoAcoustics stands use the science of acoustics to help you get the richest, most high fidelity aural experience out of your home audio system investment.


Sound needs to be free, unencumbered by surrounding surfaces and its own physical placement that muffle and distort the music. The solution to the problem of getting the pinnacle of sound from your speakers is to develop an isolation that recognizes and responds to the individual energy of your speakers. More primitive technology exists to improve the sound but doesn’t maximize it. There are many solutions available to improve sound quality but IsoAcoustics maximizes sound to its ultimate level.


Passionate about luxurious sound, Dave Morrison, the owner of IsoAcoustics, knew he could reach the ultimate sound experience in the home. Applying his expertise in radio and television studios at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for close to 20 years, including the largest multi-media center in Toronto: over 1.72 million square feet with recording studios including everything from drama, music and chamber ensembles to special effects, radio and television shows. He transferred his experience and passion into the home environment




Isolation stand for speakers
Specifically designed for use with bookshelf, desktop or small floor standing speakers
Sculpted from aluminum frames
Parallelogram structure features isolators in the top and bottom sections
Built-in tilt adjustment can be dialed-in 6.5 degrees upward and downwards




Dimensions: overall size of 6.1” wide, 7.5” deep, and 3” high
Maximum weight capacity: 35 lbs.

IsoAcoustics - Aperta Speaker Stands (Pair)

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