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ISOTEK - EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner with Premier C19 Power Cable

ISOTEK EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner with Premier C19 Power Cable


For High-Current Components and Front-End Gear: Six-Outlet IsoTek EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner Removes Noise, Provides Protection, and Upgrades Your Entire System


Remove common mode and differential mains noise from your system with the award-winning IsoTek EVO3 Sigmas power conditioner. Featuring high-current transient ability for power amplifiers and active speakers through two dedicated 16A outlets and Direct-Coupled design technology, EVO3 Sigmas offers another four outlets with the company's Adaptive Gating circuit that welcome you to connect front-end gear such as servers, projectors, CD players, and more.


From a numbers perspective, EVO3 Sigmas' two high-current outlets deliver 3,600W continuous; the medium-current outlets afford 2,300W continuous. The six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between all outlets.


Like all IsoTek products, the European-made EVO3 Sigmas provides a dramatic upgrade for your entire setup. Achieving 75dB of RFI reduction and 108,000A of instantaneous protection, the 22-pound unit uses Kirchoff's Equal Resistance Path for equal resistance and equal power delivery across all six outlets. Solid-core silver-plated PCOCC with FEP internal wiring, a steel and machined aluminum chassis, and a supplied Premier C19 power cable touch on the superb build quality and internal components.


With EVO3 Sigmas in your chain, you will hear more substantial soundstaging with increased three-dimensional imaging, enhanced bass articulation and control, and a greater sense of extended frequency range and openness. What's more, your noise floor will drop and expose greater focus, with reduced grain and improved clarity. In addition, you'll have peace of mind from damage caused by lightning strikes and power surges.


"There are very few products that can deliver improvement across the board to a multiple unit system, but this is very definitively one of them. If you are looking for a wholesale boost to your system, the EVO3 Sigmas is it".
—Hi-Fi Choice


"The improvements in every aspect of the (connected) equipment's performance are so obvious that it is a complete 'no-brainer.' An essential purchase, outstanding."
—Hi-Fi World




Number of outlets: 6
Display: Voltage / THD / off
Mains inlet: 16A IEC C20
Mains voltage: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
High current:
   Continuous: 16Amps (3,680W)
   Transient: 7,360W
Medium current: 10Amps (2,300W)
Dimensions (WHD): 17.5" x 3.5" x 12.0"

Warranty: 3 Years

Weight: 22.0 lbs.

ISOTEK - EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner with Premier C19 Power Cable

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