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Jackson C. Frank - Jackson C. Frank Vinyl LP

Jackson C. Frank Jackson C. Frank Vinyl LP


Jackson C. Frank's eponymous album is the embodiment of folk legend. Issued in late 1965 on the UK Columbia label, it was for many years more famous for its producer (Paul Simon) and the musicians who would go on to cover its songs (Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, Sandy Denny) than for the hauntingly beautiful music contained inside.


Frank's backstory certainly adds to the legacy: born in Buffalo, NY, he used the settlement from a childhood accident to sail to London where he quickly became a fixture of the bustling folk scene. Performing a mix of blues standards and originals, he met fellow ex-pat Simon who would put up the money to record Frank's only LP.


For such a sparsely recorded work, the Jackson P. Frank album covers a lot of ground. From the rugged, world-weary opener "Blues Run The Game" to the stunning melancholy of "Milk And Honey," Frank's nimble acoustic guitar and passionate howls are all that is needed to power such authentic songwriting.


Captured in a single-day session, these ten tracks are stark, gritty and seemingly out-of-place with time. There may be no ‘60s folk record that is simultaneously as rare and influential as Jackson C. Frank's self-titled debut.


Jackson C. Frank Jackson C. Frank Track Listing:


1. Blues Run The Game
2. Don’t Look Back
3. Kimbie
4. Yellow Walls
5. Here Come The Blues
6. Milk And Honey
7. My Name Is Carnival
8. Dialogue (I Want To Be Alone)
9. Just Like Anything
10. You Never Wanted Me

Jackson C. Frank - Jackson C. Frank Vinyl LP

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