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Joe Jackson - Mike's Murder Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Joe Jackson Mike's Murder Soundtrack Vinyl LP


Joe Jackson finished the Night And Day tour in May 1983, and had been asked to contribute a song to Mike's Murder, a film written and directed by James Bridges.


He ended up writing both a handful of songs and a few instrumental pieces that were released on a soundtrack album in September. Unfortunately, the film itself was not ready for release then, since it was the subject of a dispute between Bridges and the movie studio that had financed it, the result being re-shooting and re-editing, such that the film did not open until March 1984.


By the time of its release it had a score by John Barry and only a little of Jackson's music remaining; the film earned only one million dollars during a few weeks of theatrical showings, making it a disastrous flop.


The orphaned soundtrack album, however, managed to get into the Top 100 and even spawned a chart single in the Jackson composition "Memphis", while "Breakdown" earned a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Instrumental Performance.


"Recorded about the same time as Night and Day, his most popular release, Joe Jackson's brilliant soundtrack to the movie Mike's Murder is consistent in quality to that 1982 pop music masterpiece. Side one contains five pop gems which could have easily fit nicely on the Night and Day album. Side two contains three instrumental tracks." - AllMusic


Joe Jackson Mike's Murder Soundtrack Track Listing:


1. Cosmopolitan
2. 1-2-3 Go (This Town's A Fairground)
3. Laundromat Monday
4. Memphis
5. Moonlight
6. Zemeo
7. Breakdown
8. Moonlight Theme

Joe Jackson - Mike's Murder Soundtrack Vinyl LP

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