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Kanto Living - S2 Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)

Kanto Living S2 Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)


Experience the full range of frequencies your speakers have to offer with the pair of black S2 Desktop Speaker Stands from Kanto. These sturdy, aluminum stands allow for 16° of vertical tilt and feature foam padding that provides grip and helps reduce vibration, so you can turn your speakers up loud without worrying about diminished sound quality.


Each S2 stand provides 16° of tilt to enhance your listening experience

S2 stands come with foam padding on the top and bottom to help grip your speakers securely, protect their finish, and absorb speaker vibration.


The foam lined rear support keeps your desktop speakers secure and in place. Made from sturdy aluminum, S2 stands are built to securely hold small desktop speakers S2 stands were designed with YU2 in mind, allowing you to get the most out of your desktop speakers.




Accommodates Minimum Speaker Base (W x L): 2.75 x 4" 
Maximum Speaker Depth: 5.9"
Maximum Speaker Weight: 8 lb
Vertical Tilt 16 degrees
Dimensions 3.9 x 5.3 x 1.3" 
Weight Pair: 0.3 lb

Kanto Living - S2 Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)

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