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Katy Perry - Smile Colored Vinyl LP

Katy Perry Smile Colored Vinyl LP


Colorful pop princess Katy Perry follows-up 2017's Witness with the new studio album, Smile which she describes as "finding the light at the end of the tunnel" and her "journey towards the light, with stories of resilience, hope, and love."


The playful cover art perfectly aligns with Perry's flair for costumes and eye-catching covers and features the pop singer as a dispirited clown, sporting a red nose. Perry has released a number of singles to roll out Smile including the Gold-certified "Never Really Over," the earworm "Harleys In Hawaii," atmospheric ballad "Daises" and the infectious title track which all but affirm Billboard's assertation that "the Katy Perry here, undeniably and spectacularly...


Perry is making her most exciting music in years, and within the span of a few months, she has completely shifted expectations for her next project among pop junkies."


Katy Perry Smile Track Listing:


1. Never Really Over
2. Cry About It Later
3. Teary Eyes
4. Daisies
5. Resilient
6. Not the End of the World
7. Smile
8. Champagne Problems
9. Tucked
10. Harleys In Hawaii
11. Only Love
12. What Makes A Woman

Katy Perry - Smile Colored Vinyl LP

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