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Lemon Demon - Nature Tapes Vinyl LP


Lemon Demon Nature Tapes Vinyl LP


Lemon Demon is the moniker for original music by web icon Neil Cicierega. As a teen at the dawn of the internet age, he made a name for himself with innovative, diverse projects. His prolific work has spawned numerous viral touchstones, including Animutations, Potter Puppet Pals, and the acclaimed mashup albums Mouth Sounds, Mouth Silence, and Mouth Moods.


Lemon Demon's 2014 EP, Nature Tapes is a set of 8 catchy electro-pop songs showcasing Neil's signature blend of deft humor set to a memorable melody. Contains such classics as "BRODYQUEST," "Two Trucks," "Jaws" and "Goosebumps."


Lemon Demon Nature Tapes Track Listing:


1. Really Cool Wig
2. Two Trucks
3. A Mask of My Own Face
4. Everybody Loves Raymond
5. Goosebumps
6. Jaws
7. My Trains
8. Brodyquest

Lemon Demon - Nature Tapes Vinyl LP

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