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Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone 180g Vinyl 2LP

Lemon Demon Spirit Phone 180g Vinyl 2LP


Spirit Phone is a collection of deviously catchy pop songs that lightheartedly explore such macabre topics as haunted mansions, confectionery cannibalism, Lovecraftian romance and 1980s economics.


Bringing to mind the playfully ghoulish work of new wave acts like Oingo Boingo, the album presents its dark themes with mischievous relish. Spirit Phone has been remastered by experimental sound guru Mark Kramer with new original art by Ming Doyle. Along with the 14 tracks that comprise the album proper, side 4 includes 5 bonus tracks.


Lemon Demon Spirit Phone Track Listing:


1. Lifetime Achievement Award
2. Touch-Tone Telephone
3. Cabinet Man
4. No Eyed Girl
5. When He Died
6. Sweet Bod
7. Eighth Wonder
8. Ancient Aliens
9. Soft Fuzzy Man
10. As Your Father I Expressly Forbid It
11. I Earn My Life
12. Reaganomics
13. Man-Made Object
14. Spiral of Ants
15. Crisis Actors
16. Redesign Your Logo
17. Pizza Heroes
18. You're At the Party
19. Angry People

Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone 180g Vinyl 2LP

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