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Lemon Demon - View-Monster Vinyl 2LP

Lemon Demon View-Monster Vinyl 2LP


Lemon Demon's 2008 album View-Monster makes its vinyl debut on Needlejuice Records! The project features Neil Cicierega fresh off the hype of his 2006 hit "The Ultimate Showdown," with 16 melodic and whimsical cuts, plus 8 bonus tracks. It's July 18th, 2008.


Life is simple. You've just watched "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" for the millionth time. You've been waiting years to hear the follow-up to Dinosaurchestra. When that album came out, you were a meme-lord in junior high. Now you have a year left before it's time to go to college and become an adult, an event you try not to think about as you play rounds of Team Fortress 2 in your room. The download of View-Monster is almost done.


You smile as you press play, ready to move on from the same stale animutations and flash videos. You don't know it yet, but the next time you hear a new Lemon Demon album, you will be on your own, saddled with debt and the burden of great expectation in a world that is quickly falling apart. For now, life is good.


Lemon Demon View-Monster Track Listing:


1. Kaleidoskull
2. Amnesia Was Her Name
3. The Man in Stripes and Glasses
4. Marketland
5. Gadzooks
6. Knife Fight
7. The Only House That's Not on Fire (Yet)
8. The Ocean
9. The Afternoon
10. Spring Heeled Jack
11. Being a Rock Star
12. Ask for Nothing
13. The Satirist's Love Song
14. The Machine
15. Bill Watterson
16. Something Glowing
17. Sundial
18. Ben Bernanke
19. Modify
20. Nightmare Fuel
21. Hip Hop Cherry Pop
22. 123456 Pokemon
23. Toy Food
24. The Wiggles Hate Each Other in Real Life

Lemon Demon - View-Monster Vinyl 2LP

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