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Lizzo - Coconut Oil 12" Vinyl EP

Lizzo Coconut Oil 12" Vinyl EP


Lizzo's first EP, originally released in October 2016 and featuring the No. 1 hit single "Good As Hell," comes to vinyl for the first time complete with a coconut-scented scratch and sniff insert!


Channeling boundless self-confidence through a downright earth-quaking voice, colorful persona, and undeniable star power, Lizzo strutted into the spotlight with a whole lot of sass, spirit, and soul. Embracing her vocal range like never before and celebrating herself to the fullest, she speaks her mind, censors nothing, and delivers an enviable level of honesty, pure passion, and fresh fire. "There's self-exploration.


There's self-love. Then there's self-realization," Lizzo told Rolling Stone. "'Coconut Oil' is the ultimate ode to self-care and to my process. I'm not there yet, but I'm creating my music so I can get there."


Lizzo Coconut Oil Track Listing:


1. Worship
2. Phone
3. Scuse Me
4. Deep
5. Good as Hell
6. Coconut Oil

Lizzo - Coconut Oil 12" Vinyl EP

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