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Medeski, Martin & Wood - Live Free Magic 180g Vinyl 2LP

Medeski, Martin & Wood Live Free Magic 180g Vinyl 2LP


Medeski Martin & Wood dip into their archives to present a collection of recordings documenting their first-ever acoustic tour in 2007. This set, stretching out over five expansive tracks, captures the three intrepid improvisers exploring the telepathic hookup and deep groove sensibility that has defined MMW since its inception in 1991.


Indirecto Records releases Medeski Martin & Wood Live: Free Magic, a collection of never before released rare acoustic performances.  John Medeski takes a break from his array of analogue synthesizers and organ to get back to his roots on the piano. Meanwhile, Chris Wood digs in deep to his bass, laying the foundation for Billy Martin's heavy grooves and rhythmic intricacies.


Free Magic starts with a track off of MMW's 20 series, Doppler, a tribute sounding introduction morphing into a slow and funky groove.  Blues For Another Day changes the pace with a fast paced flurry of notes from John, matched by Billy's unconventional accompaniment.  Free Magic opens with John, Billy and Chris stretching the sonic abilities of their instruments.  


Chris and John then introduce the haunting Vergessene Seelen.  John takes things back almost twenty years with an acoustic version of Where's Sly from MMW's album "It's a Jungle In Here".  The guys then tackle Charles Mingus's classic Nostalgia in Time Square, transitioning naturally into Sun Ra's Angel Race.


Medeski, Martin & Wood Live Free Magic Track Listing:




1. Doppler
2. Blues For Another Day




1. Free Magic/Ballade in C minor, "Vergessene Seelen"
2. Nostalgia In Times Square / Angel Race
3. Where's Sly

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Live Free Magic 180g Vinyl 2LP

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