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Megadeth - Super Collider Vinyl LP

Megadeth Super Collider Vinyl LP


For a heavy metal band that's been around for nearly three decades, selling more than 38 million albums worldwide, earning numerous accolades including 11 Grammy nominations, scoring five consecutive platinum albums - including 1992's two-million-selling Countdown To Extinction - Megadeth's founder, leader and primal guitar slinger and lyricist Dave Mustaine feels the best is yet to come.


The album's artwork is an enhanced image of Switzerland's Hadron Collider.

"...And this first song is kind of, like, a song about no matter how bad things get, come with me, we'll take the high road and we'll hang out and have a great time and we'll stick together until the end of the world, so to speak, when the world explodes like a Super Collider..." - Dave Mustaine


"...We wanted to take some stretches on this record, nothing like what we did with Risk because it's still very metal record. But you be the judge, you listen for yourself." - Dave Mustaine


Megadeth Super Collider Track Listing:


1. Kingmaker
2. Super Collider
3. Burn!
4. Built For War
5. Off the Edge
6. Dance In the Rain
7. The Beginning of Sorrow
8. The Blackest Crow
9. Forget To Remember
10. Don't Turn Your Back...
11. Cold Sweat

Megadeth - Super Collider Vinyl LP

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