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Misfits - Walk Among Us Vinyl LP

Misfits Walk Among Us Vinyl LP


Walk Among Us is the Glen Danzig led Misfits' ferocious and critically acclaimed 1982 debut album. From the manic opening of "20 Eyes" to the monster chorus of "Braineaters," there is nothing less than a sublime moment on the album from start to finish and it ranks among the greatest records in punk history.


Finally back in print after years of being a collector's item, Walk Among Us is a classic of any genre and a must-have for any serious punk fan.


Misfits Walk Among Us Track Listing:


1. 20 Eyes
2. I Turned Into A Martian
3. All Hell Breaks Loose
4. Vampira
5. Nike-A-Go-Go
6. Hatebreeders
7. Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight
8. Night Of The Living Dead
9. Skulls
10. Violent World
11. Devils Whorehouse
12. Astro Zombies
13. Braineaters

Misfits - Walk Among Us Vinyl LP

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